Book 1:  Uptown

Published in 2013, this was J. T. Riggen's first novel.  It fell within the crime-thriller genre.  In 2016, it was removed from publication for some retooling.  It is anticipated to be released in early 2018.  The original Uptown received a "Certificate of Quality" from Indie Reader Magazine.  Imagine what version 2.0 will look like!


Ex-Detective Mark Kennedy was sentenced to spend the rest of his life in prison for his part in a vicious, mob-related crime. He does what he must to survive prison life, and when he suddenly finds himself free-back amongst old friends and enemies-he is drawn into a life he never thought he would lead again. 

Rachel Davis is a capable young woman, ready for college and the beginning of her new life, yet she is unprepared for the terror that awaits her on an innocent night out on the town. 

Detective Will Sutherland thought he had escaped the corruption of his previous job when he moved to Brattleboro, Vermont, but with the sudden rise in local violent crime, he is forced to face his past-and his dangerous obsession with his own investigation. 

These characters' individual stories are woven into a dark tapestry in this captivating new thriller, set against the backdrop of a luxurious, state-of-the-art casino that attracts both high rollers and the lowest of criminals. It's a world where manipulation means control, and the concept of trust is the difference between life and death. 

Who is willing to go the furthest and break the rules to achieve justice? And to what degree is justice served when the path to attain it turns sinister and twisted?


Book 2:  The Chaos of Change

After several projects had come and gone, The Chaos of Change was born.  It is available here for purchase.  The Chaos of Change is part I of an epic trilogy.  Part II is set to release spring of 2018.  This is a perfect reason why you should join the newsletter: get first access to book covers, updates on new releases, sample chapters, and more!  Check out the newsletter tab to sign up.  Click here for the video teaser with pre-release reviews!

"If you've ever wondered what the adjectives "rip-snorting" or "humdinger" mean, pick up The Chaos of Change by J.T. Riggen and you'll know." - Readers' Favorite Reviews

"...Intense.  Fast paced!  A DEFINITE recommend!" Author Viga Boland

"Political thriller writing at its best! A satisfying blend of fast-paced action and strong characterization makes for a fine story that's riveting, realistic, and hard to put down." - D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Reviews

"Riggen meticulously takes these characters and wraps them in both their pride and arrogance, before sending them off to dance to Death's tune." - Robin Goodfellow, Black Magic Reviews


Welcome to the imminent future: the American political gap is maximized; the individual states have begun clamoring for the disbandment of their federal government for its lack of stability; multiple power-hungry groups lick their chops at the thought of grabbing the reigns of the United States of America.  And then a nation defining incident occurs, Article V of the U.S. Constitution is activated – effectively dissolving the federal government – and three sovereign territories come into existence.  The struggle in the new world begins.

But this hardly bothers Thaddeus Jackson – the son of a popular former president – who had money, fame, and a promising career in politics…until he ran away to the Alaskan wilderness to live in peace away from his family and the growing civil unrest.

What few know is that an elite group – led by Shane Ripley, Director of the CIA – has taken action. They recruit the very hesitant Thaddeus to be part of a diplomatic team tasked to negotiate the seemingly impossible peace between the liberal leaders of the North and his dysfunctional, republican family that now runs the South. The team includes Lozen Kyway, a highly-trained female agent turned bodyguard; Dr. Andreas Albrecht, a brilliant engineer and scientist who believes he’s discovered a truly sustainable, albeit dangerous, energy source; and Tomas Martinez, the former Vice President.

This elite group, and all its supporting team, will come together in a race against the clock to divert the territories away from war.  New-age patriots will rise and fall, and new threats to democracy – never before imagined – will emerge from the shadows. Can the well-intentioned come together fast enough to ward off war in the states?  Whose intentions are noble?  Whose are full of malicious intent?  Prepare yourself for an American era teeming with espionage, lies, murder, manipulation...The Chaos of Change!

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Book 3:  The Tragedies of Freetown

This is a current project that is underway.  Set on a Native American reservation, a powerful, organized crime family builds a lucrative, free-standing city, while giving kickback to the Natives who own the land.  A con-woman -- and mother of a troubled teen -- will go as far as she must to protect her boy. Even if it means bringing the entire city of Freetown, and the mysterious reservation, to its knees.  "There has never been, nor will there ever be, anything quite so special as the love between a mother and her son."  

The Tragedies of Freetown is anticipated to be released summer of 2018.